Safe Medication Practice With Dr.LaKeidra

As a clinician, safe medication practice is very important to Dr. LaKeidra. It’s something that she is extremely passionate about. Dr. LaKeidra's main objective is to empower clients and consumers alike to occupy a position of authority where their health and medications are concerned. Having completed and received certification in Medication Therapy Management, she plans to pour as much as possible in to each client so that they may have a general basic working knowledge and understanding of their medications in order to manage them safely! Please see Dr. LaKeidra's consultation options below, she is ready to help you take control of your medications and medical history! She looks forward to your empowerment session soon! 

The Golden Nugget 

(therapeutic lifestyle change)


Action steps to prevent a diagnosis

Pre-condition analysis

  • Understanding your baseline

  • Recognizing change

The Diamond

Understanding of your medical condition

Understanding of how your prescriptions work

Basic working knowledge of day to day functioning

  • Drug-drug interactions

  • Drug-food interactions

  • Drug-disease state interactions 

**This is an in-depth education on your medical conditions. Gain answers to questions you never thought to ask**

Safe Medication Practice

With medication use alarmingly high and rapidly increasing, it is imperative that consumers are consciously aware of how and why they are using the medications they are using. Whether you are on prescription medication, over-the-counter medications or herbal supplements, it is your innate responsibility to be fully equipped with basic knowledge regarding any chemical(s) you introduce into your body. In this fully loaded audio discussion, Dr. LaKeidra outlines safe medication practice, the how to(s), the why(s) and YOUR responsibility as a consumer, to engage in your medical care.